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USA. USB\VID_1B3B USB\VID_1B3B&PID_2937 iPassion® PC Camera Webcam New Products & Downloads.

Updated 7th May 2015

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USB\VID_1B3B USB\VID_1B3B&PID_2937 iPassion® PC Camera Webcam Drivers

Device Driver Vendor : USB\VID_1B3B (iPassion®)

Device ID : USB\VID_1B3B&PID_2937 (PC Camera Webcam)

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USB\VID Table Of Contents
iPassion® USB WebCam Device ID Numbers.
iPassion® USB\VID_1B3B

PC Camera Webcam

Device ID : PC Camera Webcam (USB\VID_1B3B&PID_2937)

iPassion® USB WebCam Drivers

iPassion® pc camera webcam USB\VID drivers are required for the USB bus and USB connectivity hardware in the computer to operate correctly. A "driver" is the name given to the software interface that allows the operating system to communicate with the pc camera webcam hardware, it is the software "driver" that is in control of the USB hardware. If the usb webcam Universal Serial Bus device is not performing as expected then the driver is probably not installed or is broken. The list below consists of free downloads that are designed specifically to be used with the iPassion® pc camera webcam device.

EZ93 Device Driver Downloads For The iPassion® USB WebCam Hardware USB\VID_1B3B&PID_2937

Windows® EditionDescriptionFree Download
Windows 7Windows 8Download iPassion® PC Camera Webcam USB WebCam Device Drivers
Free iPassion® PC Camera Webcam  Drivers Download